The Spatials V3 devblog 2015-11-09

Internal development notes, very slightly cleaned up and commented a week later.

TL;DR: a minimal planet surface editor has been implemented, V2 civilizations will be fleshed out as full factions in V3, and new artwork has been created for them.

- camp editor mode for planet, to make pre-defined camp layouts
    gen V2 objects menu
    make draw tool be in cheat mode by default
    fix being able to flip angles with only one gfx angle
    fix persist for editor objects
    move editor code to its own (user) mod, for dogfooding and cleaner code
    super-eraser tool both for props and objects
    delimit tool, to mark camp boundaries
        create entity to hold camp
        display system for camp boundaries
        list camps in left panel
        rename and delete buttons
    V3 objects debug menu: auto-gen object list from a folder of images using a naming convention
        idle = pose name (idle, damaged or destroyed for now)
        a = angle (0/1/2/3, 0/2, 0)
        f = frame number (0 to N)
            house-idle-0-0.png, house-idle-2-0.png
    custom finalizer
        remove all ImpassableComponent
    someting for floors
        if "floor" in (obj name:), then pose is forced to -200
            add rule to finalizer
    load/save planet (implicit for now)

Planet surfaces in V2 were completely generated at run time by code. While this looked okay for the ground (and as been kept untouched for V2), for enemy camps and constructions it looked rather poor. In V3 we've decided to revamp the enemy content surface generation and now it will be based on pre-made camp designs, with unique layouts that make much more sense.

Pirate race track

In order to assist this task a planet editor has been implemented. It has been done like a community mod, in order to test the mod functionality. Other parts of V3 (most of it actually) are also implemented as mods, but with the privilege of being classed as "core" mods, which allows them to assume other core mods exist. Unlike those, the planet editor can be enabled or disabled as a mod, and both itself and the core game still work in either case.

Another feature of the planet editor is introducing support for "uncooked" resources. A folder full of PNGs can be copied into the mod, and as long as the file names follow the rules, they will be automatically discovered and presented as objects to be used in the build menu in the editor. Using this system is not recommended in general, but for faster prototyping it's perfect. The final game will bundle the new images packed together into a single texture.

As we reach milestones we also decide upon certain gameplay elements. Last week we finally decided what to do with the existing galaxy civilization content. In V3 we are going to flesh them out, introducing a faction system. Civilizations will try to occupy and exploit the same planets you do, and you will decide if you attack their settlements for the usage rights of the resource nodes, or let them be. Depending on your decisions they may leave you in peace and even like you enough to become visitors of your station. Or you can make new enemies who will attack you on sight and try to raid you.

Some civs will be hostile by default and at best neutral towards you (like the pirates), others you will be able to both make peace or war (like the Blorg or the Cucurbian), and some others are locked at friendly (like the Crusantian).

In order to support this new system we need more graphical content for the new colonies you will discover on planets, and for the potential new visitors of your space station. Max has started working on this new content, and here's sample of it:

Crusantian colony
Cucurbian visitors
Lemurian colony
Nogi colony
Robot colony