The Spatials: Galactology update for 2016-06-20

Internal development notes, very slightly cleaned up and commented a week later.

TL;DR: new game image, research model and screen, inventory window.

- new gfx for food/drink tiers (objects and resources)
- new gfx for research table
- research model for groups and tiers
	fully implement food/drink group
- research stub groups for existing useful objects and recipes
- research unlocking
	checker to update unlock cache
- fix tutorial to use first tier objects
- research must also unlock planet objects
- research check in tools
	build tool must check if object is unlocked, with optional toggle default to #f
	factory panel must check if recipe is unlocked
- research job and table
	fix setter for current selected research group
- reverse research table
- fix: object builder tool must rebuild listing on research
	delay to activate if needed, to not need observers
- call unlock checker on some tick
- research screen
- move research to left menu area
- research stub group for decorations
- goals/counters for research
- tutorial for research
- add vital effect modifiers to food and drink
- support in vital sm for vital effect modifiers from consumed resource
	problem: many objects are stock keeping pallets, no explicit item reference
		need to get stocked resource kind? please dont use a spatial on step node...
	callback for special effects on completion
		can move to base? again problem with which item/resource is right one
- placeholder factory for everything
	to enable consumerism, fun, etc.
- bug: research job becomes stuck

The last big piece before the release deadline is here. Galactology now has a research and technology system:

Research screen

Technologies will be divided in groups (Food and drinks, Facilities, Security) which for now are just the same as the object construction categories, but this may change in the future. Each group has one or more tiers. In order to unlock a tier and be able to use its technologies (which for now are objects and production recipes) you first start the research for the tier you want to open up, then you will need to build research desks and enable the research job in one or more officers:

Research desks

As long as they work in the desks, your officers will generate research points. Once the required amount is meet for the selected tier, it will be unlocked and you can pick a different tier from any group.

Research screen with started research
- new new game image

Max as drawn a new image for the new game dialog, the bad pun is my fault:

New game image
- central stock view window
	system counts all item stacks every X time
	shows icon+amount
	clicking shows more info
New inventory window

Galactology finally features and inventory view. This is very different from V2, which had no in-station logistics. Instead this inventory is more of a statistical view of the item stacks in your station. In will also be the future home for global production controls.

- bug: alert "#f is going desperate now!"
	fix ecs-name once for all
- bug: don't show planet tutorial too soon
- bug: planet tutorial remains after takeoff
- bug: sometimes the planet world view is not displayed
	do explicit planetview reset from game, no other way to be 100% safe
- bug: try to fix phantom shiny rectangles for tutorial
	make them node children
- remove autodoctor object, it's confusing players
- remove unused factories
- make vital loss slower
- w8 icon
- building things needs a list of materials, even if it's still a placeholder
- job sm now supports optional job-cost, deducted on transition to finalize
	can fail if not enough credits
- introduce placeholder price for objects
- bug: officers stop building despite having mats and jobs to do
	stop using BuysC on the item stacks
	this also makes jobs more efficient overall, avoids dumbness
- bug: recycler has bad busy semantics, not playing well with others
	very old code, had its job always enabled, even when not litter found
- increase extraction rate
- do not require AL for base objects
- investigate stuck ship with autopilot
	order editing was confusing the wait timer
- bug: ecs-walk-to-entity must check for impossible targets
- mention resource layer in galaxy tutorial
- better placeholder visitors
	center on a limited set of vitals
	overall revise vital thresholds
	set those vitals to low enough
- increase walk speed for officers
- add dummy resource stack on planet resource nodes to make them stand out more
- when unloading a ship, always try to find an existing stack
	keep stack limits in mind
	non busy non child non pallet

And last but not least another large amount of bugfixing and polish work towards the release day build.