The Spatials V3 devblog 2015-12-07

Internal development notes, very slightly cleaned up and commented a week later.

TL;DR: new sprites for enemies, NPCs, small objects and other dynamic entities; new gizmo tool in the planet editor for placing dynamic entities in the pre-made camps.

- gfx for enemy/misc sprites
	v3 new gfx using strict/auto naming convention plus mass renamer for v2 content
	use mass of renamed files as input? no, lacks metadata, better to drive it from model data
		but still include a way to "probe" them for auto animation, angles, poses
		new sprite name autoprober, full functionality (n-frames, any poses, 4/2/1 angles)
		use planet editor dynload as guinea pig
	still need way to list sprite frames from packed files
		C++ side calling CCDictionary::createWithContentsOfFile (same as fw)
- explicit rebalance npc packed textures, since a single pose cannot span more than one sheet
- also missing are the small gizmos (boxes, item-like, etc)
	add as idle-0-0 misc sprites

This week saw V3 gaining support for loading the V2 sprite-like graphical resources, in addition of a new batch of exclusive content for V3. These new resources will be the basis of entities for enemies, planet NPCs, small interactive objects, etc. The first phase was preparing the object model for this data and adding new code for loading and probing the resources. As with other V3 systems the engine tries to auto-probe and auto-load as much as possible.

- gizmo tool
	fix: "an object is already present"
	fix: position warps to 0,0 tile
		try to pass mouse coords and use these, find where this is being floored
		"tile aligned reticle, mouse-precise x-y" mode for the build tool
	add "editor-npc-component"
	add a finalizer for it
		improve tool finalizers by allowing them to be set at tool level, not just object level
	camp saving system must capture e-n-c and store them in another map branch

Once the images were loaded, probed, and represented in the object model, it was time to add a new tool in the planet editor to add the new entities in the pre-made camps. This tool will need more sophistication in the future. For now it supports grid-less editing, allowing to position entities anywhere inside a tile.

- add destroyed frames as normal objects
- add fx as npc-like objs

Finally the resources used as effects in V2 were also added as entities, along with a set of destroyed buildings. V3 combat aims to be more dynamic and the destruction of camp buildings will be one of the new features.