The Spatials V3 devblog 2016-01-18

Internal development notes, very slightly cleaned up and commented a week later.

TL;DR: work on the new ship bridge view has started

Another major piece of the V3 design is now in place. In V2 travel was instantaneous. For V3 we are introducing spaceships, which will need to be crewed and given orders in order to explore and visit planets. These travel orders will take time to complete, as the spaceship moves in the galaxy. And to not make your officers go into some kind of limbo while traveling, V3 also introduces a ship bridge mini-sim.

- bridge
	integrate gfx
	make view adapt to ratio/size
	fix bg
	center iso map
	disable pan and zoom (kb and mouse)
	displays with iso deformation
	delegate displays rect contents to scheme
		add two more exports for left/right pannels
	add some useful but non-final stuff to panels
	integrate bridge objects with new naming
	display bridge objects
	fix spawn point/center

While the actual map sim parts of the bridge were done back in September, we are now introducing the final screen concept for this part of the game. The different monitors will display important information. They can also feature interactive elements like buttons, so they are ready for introducing more ship management UI in the future. We are also considering introducing additional gameplay centered in the bridge map.

For now this is just the first step of the final screen. There’s still some work left to do in this area for this week before we move on back to the station.