The Spatials: Galactology update for 2016-06-13

Internal development notes, very slightly cleaned up and commented a week later.

TL;DR: new images for logistics objects, new Goals feature, stabilization fixes.

As part of the final development weeks before we go public with our Early Access on Steam, I’m adding new user guidance oriented features to Galactology. Goals is a big one. There’s not much time now remaining, so polishing and misc fixes are also steadily coming in.

- new gfx: pallet v3, recycler v3, storage area
New logistics objects

Max keeps making new art for some V2 objects and to placeholder objects. Purely logistic objects now share a color scheme too.

- goals
	a series of goals to give the user guidance
	includes single page explanation
	comes from Bernice or other advisors
	has a ready? checker: displays it in the goals list
		this allows to have locked, hidden goals to not overwhelm
	has a done? checker: marks it as done and stops checking
	problem: cannot use GUI timers, it must be active even when window is hidden
		hook from game tick
		throttle checking to not be too much with phasing plus a scheme vector for ids
		there's a top-level reactive proxy for notifications
		a listing with selection
		an area for the goal info
	hook window to top toolbar button
	add support for 0 to 1 progress
		can replace done?
	add support for reward
		hardcoded to credits for now
	add some counter hooks
		production (total, by resource, by resource kind tag)
		robots production (total, by model-name)
		build object (plus some categorization)
			needs model-name in V2 stuff for proper counting, keep in mind when doing goals
		tiles built
		resource collection on-planet (as opposed to cargo delivery)
		recycling (plus some categorization, incl corpse)
		vital satisfaction
		docked ships (both visitors and officers)
		camera detected
		scanner detected
		visitor received
		cargo unload
		doctor treatment
		served drinks by bartender
		visited planet (by level, by category)
		killed enemy (by civ)
		reached rep level with X civ
		job change
		opened system
		resource consumption (vitals, jobs, consumerism)
    add some goals
        cook/make drinks
        build robot
        build some important objects
            Logistics basics: build one pallet, one storage area and a recycler
            Security basics: one ceiling camera and one security door
            Living basics: build 3 beds and a Hygienizer 3000
            Factory basics: build a chemical workshop, a metal press and a medical workshop
            Starter hospital: build a hospital bed, a meds dispenser and make at least 10 pills
            Dance club: build a bar, 3 bar tables, and 2 dance floors
            Decorations: build 10 decorations
       	generic small/med/big station goals (n objects plus n tiles)
		build embassy
		build recruitment center
		build extractors
		extract resource planet by tag (100 of each)
		fill ship slots
		basic vitals satisfied
		docked ships
		visitors 3t
		cargo unload 3t
		10 patients
		42 drinks
		land on planets 4t
		killed enemies 3t
		job change
		open star system
- add info alert when a new goal is made ready
	only when it is not a default ready one
- stacked alert display
- do not use pointy popup bg for alerts
- tutorial should point to goals
	"If you are done with tutorials check the Goals in the top toolbar" in menu
- manual claim for completed rewards
- shine in gold the goals button when a goal is completed
- icons for goal titles

Tutorials can only go so far in teaching the game to users. They are time intensive to write, can break depending on the UI instrumentation, are at risk of being outdated (very important when the game is in EA), etc. For this reason an additional layer of interactive guidance is required, and Galactology now features Goals:


Goals are small objectives given to the player, that can also award some small reward once they are completed. The motivation of Goals is to make the user explore the UI and game systems on their own, after they have been introduced to them by the tutorials. Goals will have them clicking on every screen of the game and interacting with many of the tools. Some Goals are available from the first second of a new game, but some others are unlocked as the game advances.

Goal completed

Implementing Goals also required implementing a large number of event counters. These counters will also be used for achievements and statistics in the future. There’s approximately 40 counters and 50 goals in the game right now, with more to come as new systems are implemented.

- add tooltip to all shell menu bar buttons
- fix corner cases for ships with all dead officers
	a ship with 0 crew can only travel to home, no other path is possible
	make sure autopilot respects that too
- add default 10m wait for new home orders
- job-warning-component to display stock failures and similar
	lack of resources, waiting for worker, etc.
	generic on job-sm, anybody can display them
	display from inside existing panels (stock, factory), more relevant this way
- new icons for some tools
- fix planet tutorial

Another week, another batch of fixes, including non-obvious ones like what to do with a dead crew. Many more small fixes remain to be chased in the next four weeks.